In the words of the late great American Hero Jerry Garcia,"What a long strange trip it's been"
Or, as my Grandmother used to say,"What the @#*! are you lookin' at, punk ?"

  This site is dedicated to all VW enthusiasts who prefer to color outside the lines and run with scissors. People who are sick to death of copycat "Cal Look™" Volkswagens. People who think fat tires, monster motors and satin black paint are the way that God wanted VWs to be.

  Im sure that when the first Model Ts were coming off the assembly line there was one guy standing there looking at them and wondering what they would look like with a flame paint job and no fenders. When our forebearers got back from WW2 they needed something to satisfy their need for an adrenaline rush and what they came up with was the Hot Rod. Short on cash and with no aftermarket parts to speak of, they fired up their torches and got to work. Cut off the fenders, less weight. Chop the top, better aerodynamics. Lower the suspension and mount fat tires, better handling. Soup up the motor, more speed.

  Then the Artists got into the act. Wild paint jobs, custom interiors, "in your face" body mods. And the American Hot Rod was born.

  A Hot Rod is not a "style", it is an expression of attitude. It's James Dean & Fonzi with a little WW1 fighter ace thrown in. It's smokin' rubber and nitro fumes, flames and chrome. It's "We're mad as Hell and we're not going to take this anymore!". It's "Let's rumble !"

  Hot Rods come in all shapes and sizes. From homemade Rat Rods to Show-n-Shine Trailer Queens. Just about every kind of car ever made has been Hot Rodded by someone. Even a Chopper is a Hot Rodded motorcycle. I wouldn't be suprised to find out that the Russians are Hot Rodding tractors. But they all share one thing in common: the owners expression of individuality and attitude. A Custom Car is like a pretty lady on display, a Hot Rod is a bent over tattooed trucker with his pants around his ankles.

  What I'm gonna' try to do here is build a flat black, one of a kind, kiss my ass, fenderless VolksRod with you looking over my shoulder. From scrap heap to road rocket, junk to jewel. It's going to take me awhile to build this car so don't get your pantys in a bunch if it goes slow sometimes. Hell, Rome wasn't burned in a day. I'm sure I'll screw up on some stuff, and change my mind a lot along the way because I only have a general idea of what this car will be when it's done. I plan to let it grow naturally and not just hammer it together to fit a set of preconcieved plans. So fasten your seat belt and hang on, it's time to drop trou'.

The Evolution Begins

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